Youth & the Covid-19 Risk


Introduction Many young adults have never experienced a life-threatening event in their lives. Most teenagers and youth undermine risks and think they are invincible to dangerous situations. When teenagers see a “smoking can kill” sign on their box of cigarettes, they won’t care, and in most cases, they will ignore it. Teenagers often do extreme sports and crazy hikes known to be dangerous because they don’t think the danger applies to them.  Many young adults tend to separate between themselves and their future-selves “this is a future me problem,” or “I’ll deal with it tomorrow” – are common things that teenagers...

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Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)


A Urinary Tract infection or a UTI is an infection that affects the urinary tract. It can cause irritation and pain in the bladder. UTI’s are quite common among women, especially sexually active women.  A common myth is that UTIs can go away. This is false! UTI's can get better, but they won’t go away until you treat them with antibiotics. In some instances, women need to take long-term antibiotics to get rid of the infection.  Common symptoms: Here are the most common symptoms of a UTI. These symptoms vary for every person. Some UTI’s don’t cause sign and symptoms, but...

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A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury and occurs after an impact to the head. Not every injury will result in a concussion; however, they are common. Nearly early 3 million people a year in the USA will sustain an injury resulting in a concussion. Many attribute that concussions are the result of sports injuries, car accidents, or physical trauma. Even though the most common cause of a concussion is a sports injury, it is important to know a concussion can occur from simple everyday activities such as a fall or even after jumping on the bed and hitting your...

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Dementia in Israel


Dementia describes a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking, and social abilities severely enough to interfere with your daily life.  Dementia is caused by natural aging in most people, resulting in damage to or loss of nerve cells and their connections in the brain. Depending on the area of the brain that's affected by the damage, dementia can affect people differently and cause different symptoms. It isn't a specific disease, but several different diseases may cause dementia. One of those diseases is Parkinson’s Disease. Some Parkinson’s genes are connected to the Jewish people. While Alzheimer’s disease(link to blog) is the most...

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The jellyfish season in Israel


The warm Mediterranean Sea on Israel’s coast may be fun to swim in, but the jellyfish season is upon us!  Every summer, Israeli beaches suffer from jellyfish for a number of weeks.  Whether in the water or washed up ashore, jellyfish pose a (potentially life-threatening) hazard.  EMA Care gives you tips on what to do if you get stung by a floating cell or jellyfish tentacle. Fact: Jellyfish is one of the most intimidating creatures of the sea. In Hebrew, the word for jellyfish is “Medusa”. In classic Greek mythology, Medusa is a monster (gorgon) in the form of a woman...

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Skin conditions during the summer in Israel:


Summer in Israel The summer in Israel is known to be very hot and sunny. Going to the beach, outdoor sports, and playing in the sun are common activities in the summer. While all of these activities can be good for vitamin D production, they can also be harmful and damage one's skin. Some side effects can be as bad as skin cancer, while some can cause cosmetic damage like wrinkles and aging. Actinic keratosis Actinic keratosis is also known as Solar keratosis is a very common skin condition caused by exposure to the sun. Actinic Keratosis causes rough scaly patches...

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17th of Tamuz fast in Israel


It’s hard to recall a fast day in Israel that did not include hearing of someone fainting from dehydration.  Fasting in Israel can be a different experience from fasting in other countries. This year the 17th of Tamuz is a fast day and it is coming out during the hot, Israeli, summer. Hot weather in Israel puts fasters at higher risk of dehydration. Preparing for a fast a few days in advance is a sure way to fast safely. When a person fasts, everyday behavior results in a loss of fluid that is not being replaced in the course of the day. ...

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How to properly wear a mask


The Dos and Don'ts of wearing masks: Wearing masks has been a controversial topic over the last few months. While most of the leading physicians encourage people to wear masks at all times (while outdoors), many people find the mask uncomfortable and they accidentally make their masks useless against the Coronavirus. Here are some guidelines on wearing masks: Wear your mask over your mouth and nose! It is very common to see people wearing their masks over their mouths and not over their noses, especially while talking. When we speak to someone, we often breathe with both our mouth and our...

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The gap year - how to deal with pre-existing conditions during a Covid-19 pandemic


In this video, Dr. Eliana will discuss the upcoming gap year program and kids who are coming with pre-existing conditions. Students who come for the year aren’t apart of the Israeli medical system so this means that the kids usually need to pay out of pocket. 00:00 – introduction 00:42 – kids with pre-existing conditions. 03:07 – how is this year going to be different and medications 05:52 – arranging appointment with specialists 08:24 – asking the right questions

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is a common fatigue disorder that cannot be characterized by any underlying medical condition. The fatigue may get worse with physical or mental activity but doesn't improve with rest. While there are many theories as to what causes CFS, there isn't one test that can diagnose it. The theories range from viral infection to mental stress, but the cause still isn't known. Signs and symptoms may include: FatigueLoss of memory or concentrationSore throatMuscle or joint painNot sleeping well Some viruses cause someone to develop this disorder. After someone gets infected with a virus, their body is...

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Fake news during a Coronavirus Pandemic


In this video Dr. Eliana will discuss the fake news that has been going around about wearing masks. 00:00 – introduction 00:18 – fake studies and agenda’s 02:07 – how to distinguish between fake news and real news 06:08 – why do people want to do this? 12:07 – does wearing masks violate our freedom? 12:50 – some tips on identifying fake news

Marijuana induced psychosis


Marijuana-induced psychosis is real and dangerous. This is perhaps most important to remember when gap year students are away from home for the first time. The average cannabis user, seller, and manufacturer want you to believe that marijuana is an innocent, harmless drug. It is mainly described as a relaxing way to unwind. As marijuana usage becomes legal and more popular, it's important for people to know the facts about marijuana and its possible side effect. While there are some medical benefits to medical cannabis, which can be taken under the auspices of a physician for specific conditions, there are lesser-known...

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The New Dating Reality


The Coronavirus has presented the world with a new reality. People don’t leave their houses as or go out to eat as often as they used to, and people aren’t engaging in social activities. Young people are always very active and are highly engaged with their social lives. As a result of the Coronavirus, many young adults have been feeling more depressed about their lives.   The Coronavirus has definitely affected the reality of dating. Many people have to go on dates while wearing masks and covering half of their faces, keeping a distance between one another, and many people have decided...

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Tisha B'av fasting tips


During any major fast in Israel, we always hear many stories of people who fainted because of dehydration. Tisha B’av is considered one of the most important fasts in the year and many people fast. Due to the Coronavirus, people aren’t leaving their houses as much, so the risk of overheating and being dehydrated is slightly better. However, Tisha B’av is a very long fast and it is falling on a very hot summer day. According to the weather report, the temperature should be in the high 80’s and in the low 90’s. Therefore, it is important to make sure that...

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Public Transportation - Bus vs. Taxi


In this video, Dr. Eliana Aaron will discuss taking pubic transportation. Many people have asked which form of public transportation is safer - taxies & Buses? 00:00 – introduction 00:32 – How to safely take a taxi? do I need to wear a mask and gloves in a taxi? 03:30 – is it safe to pay with cash? 06:26 – whipping down door handles 07:10 – how to safely take a bus? 07:57 – where is the safest place to sit? 08:53 – getting on a crowded bus 11:23 – Taxi vs. a bus – which is safer?

Dealing with Stress about the Upcoming Gap Year


Sending your child to a foreign country for a gap year can be concerning. Parents worry that their child's getting lost, they worry about their kids experiencing anxiety, and they worry about their kids getting sick. Sending your children to Israel for their gap year is stressful enough, even more so now during a global pandemic, with many parents experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. Thanks to EMA Care, most yeshiva and seminaries have a pandemic plan in place in case of another Coronavirus outbreak. Schools that have a pandemic plan have logistical plans (food, laundry, cleaning) to allow their...

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So, Your Child's in Quarantine


As the number of COVID19 cases in Israel continues to grow, many parents are growing increasingly worried about their children ending up in quarantine. Not only does this come along with any number of health scares, but it can be extremely stressful for other reasons as well. For working parents this means having to be away from the office for 14 days, for big families it means finding a place to keep their child isolated and that’s not to mention the emotional strain being alone may take on a child. So, how can parents best prepare for these two weeks?  Have...

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Immunity towards the Coronavirus


With the year about to start, more and more people are recovering from the Coronavirus. Many people have been asking if someone who had the Coronavirus got re-infected or do they have immunity? And if so, is it long term immunity? Long Term Immunity Early studies have shown that the COVID-19 antibodies can fade after a short amount of time. However, this study didn't take into consideration the multiple levels of defense in our immune system. Recent Studies Suggest Lasting Immunity Even in People with Mild Symptoms. A flurry of recent studies has found lasting antibodies and immune cells called B-cells...

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The Antibody Test


During the past few months, people have been in and out of quarantine. Some go into quarantine when they come back from abroad, some test positive for Covid-19, while others were exposed to someone who tested positive. The Ministry of Health announced that they are allowing people to get exempt from quarantine if they have a positive antibody test.  What is an antibody test? Antibodies are found in the blood of people who have been infected with certain diseases to determine if they have immunity (The immunity may be long term or short term, depending on the virus) and they usually...

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National Obesity Awareness Week


39% of the world adult population suffers from obesity. Since the 1970’s, the rate of obesity has tripled! Obesity is a disease where one’s body has an excessive amount of fat. Being obese isn’t just a physical or cosmetic problem. The issue has grown to epidemic proportions, with over 4 million people dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese in 2017, according to the global burden of disease. Obesity can affect one’s chances of getting diabetes (type 2), developing heart problems, high blood pressure, and even cancer.  People usually become obese due to genetics, having a bad...

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Retinal Detachment


Retinal detachment is an emergency situation in which a thin layer of tissue in the retina (at the back of the eye) moves from its normal position. The most common causes of retinal detachment are aging or eye injury. If left untreated permanent loss of eyesight can occur. Thankfully, About 80% to 90% of retina surgical procedures are successful, and although in some cases more than one operation may be necessary, chances of a full recovery are high if the situation is caught in time. Early detection  Early detection is key in this situation. Here are the symptoms of a retinal...

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Eating Disorders Among Gap Year Students


Each year, ten thousand two hundred deaths are the direct result of an eating disorder—that's one death every 52 minutes. 9% of the world has an eating disorder. Eating disorders are also a sign of mental health problems. About 26% of people with eating disorders attempt suicide. Eating disorders are prevalent, especially among young women. The number of cases in the Jewish population is increasing. However, the exact number is still unknown. Most people know about two eating disorders:  anorexia and bulimia.  Not known to most people, the most common eating disorder is EDNOS –  or “Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified."...

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Appendicitis in Gap Year Students


Appendicitis is the Appendix's inflammation, which is located on the lower right side of your abdomen. Appendicitis causes extreme pain in your lower abdomen; however, the pain radiates all over the stomach. Although everyone can develop Appendicitis, it is the most common for young people between 10-30. What does the Appendix do? The function of the Appendix is still unknown. Many researchers found that it holds good bacteria that can help reboot the digestive system after diarrheal illness. Others claim that the Appendix is a bacteria that became useless with evolution. People who have Appendicitis and have it removed don’t need...

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Top 5 tools for remote healthcare management


 Managing an elderly parents’ healthcare from afar is a challenging situation. That’s where Emacare comes in. We step in to help navigate, co-ordinate and ensure that all elements of your parent’s medical and health care management are organised and running smoothly. EMAcare’s extensive range of services include; consolidation and management of medical records, comprehensive patient and family intake, assessing medical needs, outlining long and short-term goals and patient advocacy and with our couples discount- you can’t go wrong! One of the beauties of living in the 21st century is the endless supply of online tools and new-age products that are designed...

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Drinking Responsibly


We would all like to hope that our children are going to behave responsibly throughout their year in Israel. However, it is important to educate your children on alcohol consumption, especially with Purim around the corner. The day after Purim, people who overindulge in drinking will feel the effects. Hangovers are awful.  What happens when a person knows he/she will be drinking? Are there ways to prevent a hangover? What are hangover remedies? A hangover is defined as disagreeable physical effects following a disproportionate amount of drinking. Symptoms may include headache, nausea, vomiting, and difficulty concentrating. It can take 8-24 hours...

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The Psychological Effects of Lockdowns


The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected society in many different ways. Many countries have enforced lockdowns to lower the number of Coronavirus cases. These lockdowns have a significant effect on one's environment, income, and especially mental health.  Due to the Coronavirus, many people have become unemployed. Unemployment can cause much stress by itself. Worrying about making ends meet, paying your bills, and worrying about making it through the week can cause much stress.  In addition to that, these people are stuck at home with their families and kids. The kindergartens and schools are closed during a lockdown; therefore, the parents are...

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Telemedicine, Thermometers, and Coronavirus


diTelemedicine refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other. The technology for telemedicine is constantly evolving and it is allowing more and more people to be able to use telemedicine.  Telemedicine is especially useful during the time of a global pandemic. Many people are at high risk of getting many diseases, including the Coronavirus. These groups of people stay at home and do not have access to the quality of medical care that they would normally receive. Telemedicine allows these people to receive good quality healthcare without risking their...

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Suicide prevention week


In many cases, friends and families affected by a suicide loss (often called "suicide loss survivors") are left in the dark. Too often the feelings of shame and stigma prevent them from talking openly.a time to share resources and stories in an effort to shed light on this highly taboo and stigmatized topic. We use this month to reach out to those affected by suicide, raise awareness and connect individuals with suicidal idealization to treatment services. Suicide is when a person directs violence at themselves in order to end their lives. Suicide attempts are among people who suffer from mental health problems, that most...

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Constipation during the Gap Year


Constipation in Gap Year Students Have you ever traveled to a new place and experienced constipation? Over the past few years, we have had many gap year students complain about constipation – usually within the first 2 months of being in the country. We had a vegetarian student once who was eating only tofu- no vegetables, fruits, and definitely not a balanced diet.  We had another student who was eating only potato chips and soda, because they were too tired to cook or even go out at the end of the long day.  These students end up gaining weight and developing...

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The Danger of Vaping


Vaping is a common trend among college students and young adults. 34% of college students use E-cigarettes.  Smoking and vaping are social habits with poor health consequences. Most people have a preconceived notion that vaping, or E-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. This is false. Vaping is a relatively new trend, therefore there is not a lot of information about the negative side effects that it can have. Vaping is very popular because it is supposedly healthier than cigarettes. There are many reasons people choose to vape and smoke E-cigarettes. For one, the smoke from vaping doesn’t have a smell, therefore...

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Holiday Lockdown


As Israel approaches its second lockdown, let us take a look at lockdowns and their effects. Lockdowns have been shown to significantly lower the R0 (the mathematical term that indicates how contagious an infectious disease is) (by 81% on average), and always lowered it to less than 1. However, it should be noted that new cases generally continue to grow until 10-20 days after the lockdowns are imposed, albeit more slowly. So, while being an effective short-term tool if used for a long enough period of time, it is by no means a cure for the disease. If the lockdown lasts...

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The Flu & Covid-19: A Double Threat?


As the winter nears, people have been concerned over the idea of a double epidemic, the Flu and the Coronavirus. Last year, the Coronavirus spread around the world towards the end of the flu season so the overlap was minimal. However, this year many people are scared of facing The Flu and The Coronavirus at the same time.  The Flu season comes around every winter. The Flu is a dangerous, highly contagious virus, and it can cause high fevers, fatigue, achy muscles, chills, sweats, and headaches and is spread by droplets that are released from one’s nose and mouth when one...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month


This week we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month. Although breast cancer is more common in women it's important to know that it can occur in both men and women. Breast cancer occurs when the breast cells grow in an abnormal way, forming a lump in the breast, often beginning with the milk-producing ducts.  Women between the ages of 45-54 should get a mammogram done at least once a year. However experts in the field say that 5 out of every 10 cases are related to a genetic mutation.Therefore, if someone has a known family history of Breast Cancer, then they should...

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World's Mental Health Day!


 This year on October 10th we celebrate the World's mental health day. This day gives an opportunity for people around the world to raise awareness towards mental health, people with mental health disorders can share their stories, and mental health professionals can talk about their work and what they have accomplished. Every year more and more people are diagnosed with mental health disorders, whether it's anxiety or depression. This year the numbers have risen even more due to the Coronavirus. According to the KFF, 53% of adults in the US reported that their mental health has been negatively affected since the...

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Mental Health & Quarantine - Tips and story


Video for mental health and quarantine:  00:00 – intro  01:34 – coping with quarantine  02:01 – keep your mind occupied – zoom classes and social activities  02:41 – talking to people (not mediated)  03:34 – getting fresh air  04:40 – Limit the amount of time you spend looking at the news  05:42 – Develop your hobbies  06:06 – exercise and stay active  06:32 – personal story[embed=videolink]

The Evolving Health Professional


Over the past few months, medical staff all over the world have been working around the clock. Due to the Coronavirus, doctors, medics, and nurses in Israel have been working overtime because of the lack of medical staff. There are also many new challenges that medical personnel are facing. They have to wear protective equipment that they didn't have to wear before, including, face mask, face shields, gloves, gowns, and even hazmat suits. They also need to limit their time with each patient to limit their exposure to the Coronavirus.  Our EMA Care staff have also been faced with new challenges....

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Social Activities – High or low risk?


After months of tight restrictions and lockdowns, the wish for us to get out of our houses and engage in social activities is very high. Most people wish to take part in social activities but afraid of getting infected with the Coronavirus. Also, many people don't know which activities are safer than others. Here are some activities that are considered high or low risk. We hope that this list will help you make the right decisions about social interaction. Weddings – high risk Although the regulations in Israel still only allow weddings to be up to 10 people indoors and 20...

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Sudden Emotional Problems in Gap Year Students


This year, many gap year students have been experiencing a lot of stress due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  What happens when a student develops an emotional problem while he/she is in Israel? How can the student or parent recognize the signs of a serious problem?  Who can the student turn to? How can the parent who is thousands of miles away, help? How to Detect a Problem? There is a lot of assistance and support available to students who are having an emotionally difficult time during their year in Israel.  If this is the student’s first time experiencing depression, anxiety, eating problems...

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Seasonal Allergies


Season allergies are also known as "Hay Fever" are common, especially when the seasons change. It when mold, trees, grasses, and weeds release their spores into the air. The immune system treats these spores as invaders, and this causes allergy symptoms. One of the most common allergies in Israel is the Olive tree allergy. Olive trees are one of the most popular trees (In Israel, there are 52,500 acres of olive plantations) that are grown in Israel. What most people don't know is that the Olive trees cause a lot of allergies. The pollination season lasts two months from the beginning...

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Teenage Gambling


Gambling is a serious addiction that afflicts more than 10 million Americans every year. Nowadays, people are exposed to gambling from TV, movies, the internet, and apps. These devices make gambling seem like an innocent way to pass the time. However, gambling is a slippery slope.  Most gambling applications attract their audience by playing on ‘practice mode’. These practice modes allow people to try out gambling without any consequences and then they are more likely to download the app and play it frequently (meanwhile thinking that there aren’t any consequences).  The number of people who suffer from gambling addiction is growing...

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Chanukah & Covid-19


Chanukah is a time of the year that People gather around the menorah and celebrate the 8-day holiday of Chanukah. Common activities include making potato pancakes, baking Jelly doughnuts, and playing with Chanukah gelt. While these activities are a lot of fun, they present a problem with Coronavirus.  Many of those activities involve making food, singing Chanukah songs together, and playing games that involve passing things to one another etc. These things can be dangerous when it comes to spreading disease and infection. For example – while playing Chanukah games, even if every player washes their hands very well before playing,...

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Everyone has heard people say, “please close the door, I’m going to get hypothermia”, they say it playfully, but it is a very serious medical emergency. Hypothermia is a condition that occurs to your body when it loses heat faster than it can produce. Natural body temperature   is around 98.6 F (37 C) degrees.  Hypothermia occurs when the body is exposed to cold weather. Whether it’s not wearing the right clothing for the cold weather and even stepping in a puddle. When your body temperature drops, your body will slow down, slowing down your heart,  system, nervous system, and other...

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The Covid-19 Vaccine


Comparing Steps Required for Regular FDA Vaccine Approval and the Steps the Currently Approved Vaccines Underwent The launch of widespread vaccination for the coronavirus in Israel has been met with enthusiasm from the many dedicated healthcare professionals across the country and although this feeling has by-and-large been shared by the public, feelings of skepticism and concern are present as well. Under normal circumstances a vaccine can take more than 10 years to develop- from research, clinical development, to regulatory review and approval, and finally distribution. How then was a vaccine for COVID-19 developed in under a year? We know that the vaccine...

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FAQ: EMA Care's serology (antibody)/Antibody Testing


1.     I have read the research about the reliability of antibodies in a strategy for public protection in a pandemic- does EMA Care support the government’s policies?  EMA Care believes in providing the public with quality medical care and equal access to opportunities. We don’t create the policies- the Israel Ministry of Health (משרד הבריאות) does.  EMA Care gives the public the chance to utilize the newly developed Covid-19 policies to their benefit. 2.     Who can receive this test? This test is available for everyone- Israelis, foreigners, tourists, students and people on a working visa. 3.     For how long after receiving...

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Succot & Honey Allergy


Check out Food Allergies blog on Honey allergy during the Holiday season  Click here!  

The Chagim - Shuls and blowing the shofar


The Shofar holds great significance in the Jewish community. Every year during the holidays, Jews gather around and hear the shofar being blown. This has been done for thousands of years and it is an ancient tradition. This year will go down in history as the year of changing traditions for the health and safety of the community. Due to the global pandemic, many things, including blowing the shofar, are going to change. New Regulations For one, people need to wear masks, keep to social distancing regulations and shuls(synagogues) can only hold a certain amount of people at a time. Speaking...

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Choosing to be Happy


Is Laughter really the best cure? Laughter is contagious and it makes you feel good. laughter causes people to feel excited and happy. Being happy triggers healthy physical changes in the body. Laughter and comedy have many benefits for your mental health, physical health, and quality of life.  A study in 2017, found clear and compelling evidence that happy people tend to live longer and experience better health than their unhappy peers. During these difficult times, many people have been experiencing a lot of stress. So, it is important to try and distract oneself from the reality of Covid-19.  Laughter is...

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highlights from zoom meeting about students with pre-existing conditions


EMACARE invites you to enjoy the highlights from our zoom conference held on Sunday August 9th. Hosted by our Director Dr Eliana Aaron it aimed to instill confidence and bring clarity to parents whose children have pre-existing conditions and are sending their children to Israel for the gap-year/seminary/yeshiva program during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Topics included: *adapting medical care during coronavirus *prescription medication challenges in the age of coronavirus *gaining confidence in your child's treatment plan *proactive measures YOU can take *emotional and physical care View the full conference video @ undefined  

Updated Medical Checklist for Gap Year Students


Medical Checklist for Gap Year Students It’s probably safe to say that the Gap year packing list your child received did not include a medical supplies checklist. There are many reasons to give your kids some medical supplies and medicines before they leave.  First of all, many over-the-counter medications in the US are available by prescription only in Israel and getting medication in Israel can take a long time! Medical supplies are only available in pharmacies (not in supermarkets) and come in smaller amounts for more money.  There are no 24/7 pharmacies in Israel.  Prescription medication is cheaper in Israel than...

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Coronavirus Weight & Health tips


Over the past few months, most countries around the world have been closed down due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This means the gyms, pool, parks, and malls have been closed. People are being told to work from home and not leave their homes for non-essential reasons. Many people have found it very difficult to maintain their weight and health during the international pandemic. People can no longer work out at the local gym, go running, go swimming, and people are becoming lazy in their own homes. Many people have found it very hard to maintain a normal weight and healthy eating...

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Prescription Medication in Israel


Prescription medications in Israel can oftentimes be different than in other countries.  Whether planning a trip or sending a child for a Gap Year, understanding the availability of medication locally can help guide decision making and planning for health needs. Here are 10 rules about prescription medication in Israel: Some medications are not available here.  Medications in Israel must be approved through a lengthy bureaucratic and often political process.  Some medications, deemed either unnecessary or too expensive, or too rarely needed – are simply not available.Medications may come in different doses.  For example, thyroid medication is not available in 25mcg increments. ...

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Managing Medication in Israel


Managing and understanding of medication can be challenging for anyone.  Medication in Israel is not the same as medication in other countries, especially if you are from the United States.  If you are coming to Israel as a tourist, be sure to bring your medication with you.  Managing medication in Israel is an important consideration if you are here for a longer stay, whether a tourist, resident, volunteer, or diplomat.   You will need to do research before you arrive, as not every medication is the same when traveling to foreign countries.   For example, common medications may have different names in Israel. ...

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How to properly wear a mask - The Do's and Don'ts


  Dr Eliana Aaron talks about proper mask use and explains the reasoning behind it so you can protect yourself from COVID-19. The proper way to wear a mask (Time: 1:09) Common mistakes while wearing a mask (Time: 3:13) Cover your nose -Which part of the mask is contaminated -How to take the mask off -Covering the chin and nose properly -Gaps on the side -Eating and drinking How many times can you re-use a mask? (Time 12:00) Wearing make-up while wearing a mask (13:05) Painting your mask (Time: 13:55) Storing your mask (Time: 14:05) Face shields/visors (Time: 15:35) Cloth masks...

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Thank-you from Yeshiva's and Seminaires


I appreciate the recognition of the work my EMA CARE team and I have done to keep students healthy and safe during this crisis.

The Flu vs. Covid-19


Dr. Eliana talks about about the flu vs the coronavirus. Covid-19 and the flu both are respiratory disease, however Covid-19 is more contagious, and the fatality rate is much higher. The flu – (Time: 0:47) Death rates with both the flu and coronavirus – (Time: 1:20) How they spread – (Time: 2:35) Incubation period – (Time: 4:26) Symptyoms – (Time: 6:01) A study on the flu v peek and the Coronavirus peek – (TIme: 8:00) Are you a senior living in Israel? Or do you have elderly parents living in Israel? Contact EMACare to find out how WE can help YOU....

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Choosing the Right Doctor


Choosing the Right Doctor Visiting a doctor for the first time can be overwhelming. Will this doctor listen to your concerns? Will this doctor spend the appropriate time to answer your questions clearly and with patience? Will this doctor have the bedside manner that you expect? Do they have the medical experience needed to manage and treat your particular diagnosis? These are all valid concerns that go through one’s thoughts when thinking about their medical care. How do you know if you are at the right doctor for you? Before going to your first visit to a doctor it’s important to...

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Parenting your parent during the Covid-19 outbreak


Parenting a Parent During Covid19 Pandemic Everyone agrees the elderly and the older adult populations rate highest for serious complications from the Covid19 (corona) virus creating challenging for parenting a parent during this pandemic. Many adult children understand this and are trying to protect their parents from the illness. Many adult children are also facing parents who are not cooperating in following proper safety rules and regulations. How to parent a parent? Do not assume the parent completely understands the situation. Explain clearly how contagious Covid19 is and explain the risk to their age group. This is the time to empathize...

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The Coronavirus and the Jewish Community


Throughout history, Jews have always lived in close communities. It has long been a defining characteristic of Judaism. The synagogue is the center of the Jewish community, people gather together to pray, as well as for communal gatherings. Since the recent Covid-19 outbreak, people have been advised to not be in gatherings of more than 100 people. In Israel, this has been lowered to 10 people! This includes Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, funerals, weddings, and even prayer. For many this is devastating.   Rabbinical councils are urging members of Jewish communities to protect themselves. They are limiting access to prayers in synagogues to 20...

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Is the Celiac treatment right around the corner?


A new treatment for celiac: Celiac disease is an immune disease in which people can't eat gluten because it will damage their small intestine. About 1 in 100 people suffer from Celiac disease (1% of the world). The only way to avoid inflammation is to be on a strict gluten-free diet. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Therefore, people who suffer from Celiac can’t eat foods such as bread, pasta, cookies, or any food that contains gluten. In Israel, there are laws regarding labeling food for gluten. There are sections in supermarkets that are gluten free and...

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Vaping Among Gap Year Students


Vaping is a common trend among college students and young adults. 34% of college students use E-cigarettes.  Smoking and vaping are a social habit with poor health consequences. Most people have a preconceived notion that vaping, or E-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. This is false. Vaping is a relatively new trend, therefore there isn’t a lot of information about the negative side effects that it can have. Vaping is very popular because it is (slightly) healthier than cigarettes, and you can choose whatever flavor you want. The smoke from vaping doesn’t have a smell, therefore you can vape inside a...

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Mental health during your gap year in Israel


The gap year program is a great experience. It allows young adults to become independent, mature, and expand their education. However, this year is also a major transition for most students, which can lead to anxiety amongst themselves and their parents. Some students develop temporary anxiety during their year because they are in a foreign country by themselves for the first time. Others come to Israel with pre-existing conditions that are being managed by medication or a therapist. These conditions should not prevent young adults from coming to Israel because they are very manageable. Over the years, we have seen many...

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5 Facts About Over the Counter Medications in Israel


Over the Counter (OTC) medications in Israel are different than in the US or other countries.  Names and availability differ from country to country, and having a basic understanding of what to expect can help you figure out what to purchase when you are sick.  Here are 5 rules about OTC medications in Israel: Not everything available OTC in the US and Europe is available OTC in Israel.   Some medications for yeast infections, heartburn, pain, allergies, and some skin conditions (like acne) are prescription only..Some OTC medications are available in Israel that aren’t available in the US, such as dipyrone pain...

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Dealing with Stress: A Guide for Parents of Students in Israel


  How should you deal with stress?  Here is a guide for parents of students  in Israel. When you read the news and hear about rockets destroying homes in Israel, you are understandably worried about your child in Israel.  SO you call your son or daughter and you ask them how they are… and if people are pulling their kids out of school… and if they are NOT going out… and if they are worried…  THIS IS A MISTAKE. News Flash: Israel is chock full of people who have lived through many security situations, wars, intifadas etc.  Many of them are...

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The Israeli Health System for Students


The Israeli health system for students is based on a national, socialist healthcare system.There is excellent medical care available in Israel. However, the student needs to learn how to access the care. This means that there are two tiers to the system. 1st tier – health care through national insurance (or tourist insurance). 2nd tier – private medicine. There is also a serious shortage of specialists throughout the country, especially outside major cities. When specialists are needed is when the health system gets complicated for the average tourist. Examples of Specialist Medical Care Dermatologist – new onset acne. The family doctor...

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Israeli Health Insurance for Students


Explaining Israeli health insurance for gap year students keeps EMA Care staff busy. EMA Care currently assists several hundred gap year students studying in Israel plus several hundred more in clinics managed by EMA Care. Almost all students are on tourist or student visas, which mean each student has health insurance especially designed for students and tourists. Israeli health insurance for students usually covers 100% cost of doctor visits, tests, and medication for routine, new issues. It does not cover any appointments, treatments, tests, or medication for a preexisting health condition. Some plans will allow a student with a preexisting condition...

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Jellyfish Season in Israel


The warm Mediterranean Sea on Israel’s coast may be fun to swim in, but jellyfish season is upon us!  Every summer, Israeli beaches suffer from jellyfish for a number of weeks.  Whether in the water or washed up ashore, jellyfish pose a (potentially life threatening) hazard.  EMA Care gives you tips on what to do if you get stung by a floating cell or jellyfish tentacle. Fact: Jellyfish is one of the most intimidating creatures of the sea. In Hebrew the word for jellyfish is “medusa”. In classic Greek mythology Medusa is a monster (gorgon) in the form of a woman with snakes...

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How To Avoid Food Poisoning in Israel


Food poisoning is an illness caused by eating or drinking food or water contaminated with viruses, bacteria, toxins, parasites, or chemicals. Typical symptoms of food poisoning are vomiting and diarrhea. In Israel, during the long hot summer, the possibility of food being contaminated is greater due to food exposure to extreme temperatures, or food that does not have sufficient refrigeration.  Many food vendors display their products on the street, and it’s important to be cautious!! This year EMA Care has assisted scores of students hit by food poisoning after food served by the schools was contaminated. Food poisoning has been known to...

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Holiday Medical Care


Medical care during the holidays can get a little tricky in Israel. During the holidays, many medical offices and hospitals are operating on Shabbat mode.  Shabbat mode means that personnel are cut to a minimum staffing, many clinics are not operational, and routine, non-emergency health services are not provided.  These hours can include hospitals, emergency and urgent care centers, pharmacies, clinics, and private medical offices.  Medical offices have less operational hours (or none), so the few hours they are open, they are typically overbooked. Don’t forget that Medical Care during the Holidays includes the eve of holidays!  The eve of a...

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Managing Medicine in Israel


Managing  medicine in Israel can be challenging for anyone.  Medication in Israel is not the same as medication in other countries, especially if you are from the United States.  Managing medicine in Israel is an important consideration if you are here for a longer stay, whether a tourist, resident, volunteer, or diplomat.   You will need to do research before you arrive, as not every medication is the same when traveling to foreign countries.   If you are coming to Israel for a short stay, be sure to bring your medication with you.  For example, common medications may have different names in Israel. ...

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Medical Cannabis Management in Israel


Medical cannabis management in Israel can be challenging, especially for people who are older with chronic pain or medical conditions.   Israel is among a growing number or countries that authorize the use of medical cannabis for specific chronic medical conditions, including certain types of chronic pain.  There are currently over 20,000 medical cannabis licenses in Israel.  Medical Cannabis (MC) has been shown to be effective in improving symptoms for (among other conditions): Certain chronic pain syndromes including neuropathic pain (pain from nerve damage) Certain chronic diseases Cancer treatment side effects Terminally ill patients Mid- to Late-Stage Dementia in the elderly Many patients who have failed conventional...

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More About Food Allergies


There are common misconceptions about food allergies.  Click here to read about certain misconceptions and what the true facts are about food allergies. Food Allergy Concierge is your expert service for traveling with food allergies. Our food allergy travel experts separate facts from misconceptions. We understand food allergy dangers, we understand how one sesame seed can be life threatening, and we are experienced in preventing cross contact in hotel and restaurant kitchens.

Sudden Emotional Problems in Gap Year Students


  Last week, we wrote here about students arriving in Israel with a preexisting emotional issue. What happens when a student develops an emotional problem while he/she is in Israel? How can the student or parent recognize the signs of a serious problem? Who can the student turn to? How can the parent who is thousands of miles away, help? There is a lot of assistance and support available to students who are having an emotionally difficult time during their year in Israel. If this is the student’s first time experiencing depression, anxiety, eating problems or “disturbing” thoughts, it can be...

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The Emotional Health of Gap Year Students in Israel


Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for gap year students to really settle into their year in Israel. This can be the time when emotional issues begin to surface, especially if the student has already experienced some emotional problems in the past. Common Gap Year Stressors are: 1. Trying to make friends 2. Academic pressure 3. Being on one’s own in a new environment 4. Financial responsibility 5. Changes in relationships, including family relationships 6. Exposure to new people and new ideas This list can potentially lead to a lot of stress for the most stable person. If a...

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Eating Healthy on Vacation


  If you are one of the hundreds of visitors coming to Israel for the holidays, EMA Care offers you tips on eating healthy on vacation!! In Israel, eating healthy when on vacation can be a double whammy……on vacation plus Jewish holidays!! Vacation is a time to relax, to not be at home, and to enjoy a different culture and foods. Some people look at a vacation as a time to indulge. Jewish holidays are based on lots of time praying in the synagogue and lots of time eating large, delicious holiday meals. This combination can result in an indulgent holiday...

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Travel health insurance - luxury or necessity?


Over Passover, 3 tourists from different part of the world had strokes while visiting Israel. Besides the trauma of a sudden health event which affected the whole family, compounded by being in a foreign country, the outlay of money was substantial. After overcoming tremendous culture gaps, they received excellent care in Israel. None of these previously healthy people had travel insurance.  Most did not get reimbursement for their hospitalization and treatment. This is but one example of why tourists need to get travel health insurance for visits to Israel. Here is information on tourist health insurance and getting optimal coverage when in Israel.  Who pays your bills when...

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Tourist Medical Emergency


 Most tourists are frightened of a medical emergency occurring while they are traveling far from home.The good news is the frequency of tourists requiring medical care while traveling is low. Tourists requiring medical treatment: Outpatient treatment ​ ​ 1 per 1,000 trips​ ​Hospital admission​ ​1 per 2,000 trips​ Medical evacuation ​1 per...

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Dealing With Stress During Your Year in Israel


As parents of kids in Israel, it is nerve-wracking enough having your child so far away, much more so when the internet, news, and even the students have continuous reports of terror and violence in Jerusalem and the rest of Israel. Here is some advice on how to help your child cope with the  stress.   Safety First. There is no health without safety. If you see something that makes you uncomfortable – LEAVE.  Trust your instincts: The best defense is not to be there. During Succot, I met a seminary student in Jerusalem who had just seen  a violent protest. Lots of...

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Learning vs. Medical Care in Gap Year students

[caption id="attachment_1329" align="alignright" width="300"] Sick Gap Year student...learning or health care? Students often feel that they have to choose between their yeshiva or seminary learning program and attending (even the occasional) medical appointment. The student in Israel with pre-existing health issues has an ongoing debate between uninterrupted study and taking care of their medical needs.  Inevitably,  if left ignored, the health issue dominates and may even impede a student’s ability to stay in Israel. What is the problem? 1) Many students come to Israel with pre-existing health conditions, impacting physical health, mental health, or most often, a combination of both. Some...

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Health Care for Israel Gap Year, Yeshiva, Seminary, and College Students

Parents of Gap Year Students in Israel: Did you know that most Gap Year Programs have no medical personnel?  Health Care for Israel Gap Year students is complicated. Nearly every program requires that students have health insurance, but this coverage leaves parents and Gap Year Programs wanting. Health Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditionsFor pre-existing conditions, parents and students must fend for themselves and find providers and solutions to the student’s needs Health Insurance pays for health coverage, but no one monitors the quality of service provided. If your child gets sick or suffers an acute injury (like a sprained ankle), he or...

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Cultural Differences May Affect Your Medical Care in Israel


There are many cultural differences between Israel and other countries.  Anyone who has had any business interaction here will vouch for that! But did you know that culture also affects your health care? We are not only talking about a language barrier. A visitor to Israel who ends up in the emergency room will undergo an overwhelming, disorienting, truly foreign experience. The three ways cultural differences may affect your healthcare in Israel:   1.Chutzpah- Israeli chutzpah is world famous. It is how the commandos raided Entebbe and freed the hijacked passengers 40 years ago this week. It is also why other people...

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Caring for a chronic illness or sudden health need when studying in Israel


My daughter is diabetic, what precautions will she need to take when on a school trip? My son is in the emergency room with a broken leg, can you make sure he gets good care and understands what’s going on? Can you arrange for a gastroenterologist to evaluate my son? I don’t understand what the treatment plan is for my child, could you help us?  Help for student dealing with chronic illness Our augmented health liaison services are available as an additional service for students studying in Israel.If your child is signed up for our student package, we offer more intensive management in personal evaluation...

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Plan your Vacation in Israel - Worry-free!


A vacation in Israel is a wonderful experience for healthy tourists, but for the millions of people with medical issues or disabilities, any travel can be daunting... UNTIL NOW. EMA Care provides medical concierge services for tourists with special health needs.  Anything from organizing health appointment or treatments to finding solutions for your physical needs, such as medical equipment or accommodating transportation and tour guides can be accomplished with ease with EMA Care professionals.  We firmly believe that everyone, no matter what their medical issues are, should be able to visit the Holy Land care-free.  Enjoy your vacation in Israel - leave the...

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Case Management for Immigrants or Residents


Navigating the Israeli healthcare system is daunting even for those who were born and raised in Israel. There are many differences between the health care system in the US, Canada, France, or the UK and the system in Israel, especially in language and medical culture.  EMA Care is the only company in Israel providing case management, research services, and health advocacy for immigrants (Olim) and residents of Israel. When a crisis occurs, it can be even more frustrating without the medical language, connections, and understanding of the system – because in crisis mode no one functions optimally. This disorientation and even...

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Flu Vaccine in Israel


The Flu vaccine in Israel is available now!!  It’s important that you go now while flu vaccine supply lasts!! In previous years, there have been shortages of the vaccine.  Why should people get the flu vaccine? Influenza is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death.Between 80% and 90% of flu related deaths occur in people 65 years and older. So the vaccine is a must for seniors! Other people at risk include people of all ages with pre-existing chronic health conditions, children, and pregnant women.Even healthy people can get very sick from the flu and spread...

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Allergy Cards for Allergic Kids Visiting Israel


Any person with food allergies traveling to a foreign country knows how dangerous it can be. If your child with allergies is arriving in Israel for a summer program or in the fall for a yearlong program, it’s time to take action NOW. The lack of knowledge of the local language, local cuisine, and local customs can be frustrating and life threatening.  EMA Care provides a customized allergy card (in Hebrew) to our clients with food allergies. EMA Care’s allergy cards include: Customized Allergy Information about your childKnowledge of Israeli food products as it pertains to your child’s allergiesDirections on how...

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How to Prepare Your Teen for a Summer in Israel


From two-week summer volunteer programs to an eight-week all-inclusive tour of Israel, this summer there will be tens of thousands of young people visiting Israel. Whether it’s digging on an archaeological site, hiking from sea to sea, or studying in a yeshiva, it’s guaranteed to be a summer your child will not forget!  EMA Care wants to help parents support their teens' trip to Israel.  May is the perfect month to begin preparing your child on how to cope in a new country. Here are the top four things you can do to prepare your child for Israel: 1. Teach your child about...

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Value Added EMA Care services for Gap Year students

What are the value-added services EMA Care adds compared to current services and medical insurance alone? See our chart below to compare current practice with the value of EMA Care service...     ITEMCurrent Practice – Foreign StudentsEMA Care PracticeAttending emergencies or appointmentsStudent goes alone or the school sends a madrich/ counselor.  Some schools send non-medical faculty members.  Neither option has health knowledge to know if optimal care is being received.Health professional attends emergency or appointment, ensures optimal, US level services are being provided.CommunicationsParents call administrators regarding their child’s health situation.  Administrators are not medical professionals and cannot answer to quality and...

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Elderly Parents in Israel


Many elderly are choosing to live their golden years in Israel.  About 14% of immigrants to Israel are over the age of 65. What happens when a parent becomes ill and you, the children, are not living here?  Long distance care giving is tough, if not impossible.  What will you do if your parent deteriorates in function?  Has a stroke or a heart attack?  When a crisis occurs it can be daunting to understand where to turn, what to do next, and how to get information even if you are in proximity of your parent!  Imagine how incredibly difficult it will...

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The Reality of Alcohol and Students in Israel

The hushed fact is that many teens spending a gap year in Israel will be drinking alcohol.   Another hushed fact is that tens of gap year students will be treated for alcohol poisoning or other alcohol related injuries and illnesses during their time in Israel. In past years, gap year students have even died because of alcohol poisoning.  The legal drinking age in Israel is 18 years old.  For American youth in particular, this is an exciting novelty and it is tempting to enter pubs and drink. Do the math: The availability of alcohol + the absence of parents + the...

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Students with Food Allergies


If you are a student with food allergies and living in a dorm, you must take precautions to assure you live in a safe environment.  It’s very important to realize that people who don’t have any exposure to anaphylactic allergies often don’t understand how dangerous they can be. For example, an allergy sufferer meets his roommate for the first time, he says I am allergic to peanuts. The roommate enjoys peanut butter and he says he will be very careful whenever he eats peanut butter in the room. “The peanut butter won’t go anywhere. How dangerous can it be?”. This is...

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Why Do Gap Year Students Need EMA Care?

People have been asking “why do gap year students need EMA Care??” The answer is: Student health plans do not cover essential health needs that parents want for their child.  EMA Care provides those services and fills in the gaps left by local insurance programs.  Each year thousands of students come to Israel to work, study, and have fun!  After high school, it has become a rite of passage for Jewish youth from all over the world to spend 1-12 months in Israel.  The programs are varied from yeshiva/seminary or university study to volunteering in the Negev desert. These varied programs have...

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It's HOT Outside


Here in Israel we are experiencing extremely hot weather. High of 40 C, that’s 104 Fahrenheit!! When I walk outside it’s as if I am in a sauna. Hot weather usually just makes people feel HOT, but it can also lead to serious and alarming health problems. Experts say that when night time temperatures do not drop much lower than daytime temperatures, there is added stress on the body. It’s important to follow some simple rules to stay healthy during these high temperatures. 1. Drink lots and lots of cool water. You should have water with you at all times.2. Wear...

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Emergency Room Visits in Israel


It’s inevitable that somewhere, somehow, a teen from one of the many Israeli summer programs, could be in a hospital emergency room this summer.  There are hundreds of teens here and the sad, but true fact is that someone is going to get hurt or sick.  The program director, a counselor, or an ambulance will take the teen to the hospital. What happens when the teen arrives in the ER? Emergency rooms in Israeli hospitals follow typical ER protocol.  However, hospitals are even more crowded here. Hospitals in remote locations may offer sub-optimal care.  Patients are treated based on the severity...

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Gluten Free in Israel


People with gluten-free diets often struggle with traveling and touring, as their diets can be challenging. Good news:  Israel is becoming more aware of the need for gluten free food. In this article, EMA Care gives guidance to gluten-free eating in Israel. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder in which gluten damages the small intestine.   The number of people diagnosed with the disease is 1 out of 133, or a little under 1% of the USA’s population.  HOWEVER, it is estimated that 83% of the people with celiac are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed!!  Research shows celiac disease is also on the rise in young adults...

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Traveling in Israel with Food Allergies

Traveling in Israel with Food Allergies is challenging! Did you know that 15 million Americans have food allergies, and 1 out of 13 children have life threatening food allergies? Whether you are allergic to nuts, sesame, chocolate, certain cooking oils or fruit, the very real fear of allergic reactions may hinder your travel plans to Israel. In fact, there were several cases of severe allergic reactions this year in Gap-Year student in Israel. A client’s child had such a reaction at a social event when a child across the room opened a package of Bamba, a favored Israeli snack with air-popped peanuts. Indeed,...

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Pessach in Israel? Sick? Medical Concierge at your service

EMA Care hopes you have a healthy, wonderful Pessach holiday, but if you or someone you know becomes ill or injured, we are a phone call away. Medical Concierge is becoming popular for tourists all around the world.  Many travelers have experienced firsthand the worry and anxiety when you or a family member becomes ill in a foreign country.  It’s challenging to understand where to go, or whom to ask for help.  Tourists usually end up in a hospital emergency room, waiting to be seen, and waiting some more, in pain or discomfort. Then there can be language difficulties, strange medications,...

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Pessach, Matzah, and... Constipation

Did you hear about the new matzoh?  It’s made with whole wheat and bran and it’s fortified with Metamucil.  It’s called "Let My People Go".  LOL!  Actually, there are many people that would love this matzoh to become a reality. A well-known but rarely talked about complication during this time of year is constipation.  Constipation is defined as having difficulty passing or infrequent bowel movements. Matzoh is very low in fiber and during Pessach we eat matzoh, we bake and cook with matzoh meal, and we tend to eat a lot of cookies and cakes with high sugar content and potato starch. ...

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Passover Holiday without the Weight... Exercise!

Passover will be here in 3 weeks! Calm down...  Breathe... Remember that this springtime holiday is filled with joyous family times, beautiful Jewish traditions, and lots and lots of eating!  I loved my Bubbe’s kneidlach with chicken soup, I love eating matzah brei in the morning and delicious matzoh meal pancakes.  But... not exactly low fat!  Nobody wants to put on 5-10 pounds of Pessach weight just in time for swimming weather, right?  So enjoy the Pessach holiday, limit your food portions... but  also remember to... EXERCISE!   Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to reduce the risk of medical...

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Celebrating Purim Safely - Advice for Gap Year Students in Israel


Purim is a fun holiday universally celebrated by all walks of life in Israel… but there are dangers involved… especially to teens who find themselves easy access to Alcohol and frivolity. Alcohol toxicity can lead to brain damage, neurological damage, and even death. Dozens of Gap Year students in the past have been injured or even killed as a result of this phenomenon. Purim is an excuse for excesses in alcohol, but caution is needed. It is a tradition, some even say a Mitzvah, to drink alcohol on Purim. But balance is needed between student’s health and well-being and alcohol moderation.  A...

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Health care coordination for you


Eliana Aaron provides concierge health care coordination services in Israel for individual tourists, gap year programs, tour groups, and others. She is available to refer you to the doctors that you need, accompany you to the hospital, and supervise your ongoing medical care.   Health care coordination for you in Israel As the first practicing nurse practitioner in Israel, Eliana is connected to the best English speaking medical specialists in Israel. As your care coordinator, she will match you with the best medical treatment for your needs. Click here to learn more about Eliana. Eliana can help you over the phone from any location in...

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Medical Checklist for Gap Year Students It's probably safe to say that the Gap year packing list your child received did not include a medical supplies checklist. There are many reasons to give your kids some medical supplies and medicines before the...
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During the Coronavirus pandemic, many people have been worried about the upcoming Flu season. But to everyone’s surprise, the numbers in the southern hemisphere were the lowest they have been in a long time. “Never in my 40-year career have we ever s...

EMA Care in the News

05 September 2021
Medical Care during the Holidays can be tricky in Israel especially if you do not speak Hebrew. During the holidays, many medical offices and hospitals are operating on Shabbat mode. Shabbat mode means that personnel is cut to minimum staffing, many ...
19 July 2021
Over the years, we've been approached by people who've asked us about different kinds of diets and food plans. Intermittent fasting has become very popular over the last few years. It is a method of dieting that restricts the amount of time you are a...
11 July 2021
 Telemedicine is a great option for caring for geriatric populations in Israel. This is especially true during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the years, we’ve had many clients who care for their older, dependent parents. Take our clients, the A fam...

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