So, Your Child's in Quarantine


As the number of COVID19 cases in Israel continues to grow, many parents are growing increasingly worried about their children ending up in quarantine. Not only does this come along with any number of health scares, but it can be extremely stressful for other reasons as well. For working parents this means having to be away from the office for 14 days, for big families it means finding a place to keep their child isolated and that’s not to mention the emotional strain being alone may take on a child. So, how can parents best prepare for these two weeks? 

Have Activities Handy 

Children require amusement. And while the first couple of days may be easy to waste away in front of a TV, eventually your child will get lonely. There are a number of businesses out there looking to provide at home amusement. Buy a do it yourself ceramics and paint set, reach out to “Bidud Buddies” to get your child a quarantine pen pal, or even just pick up some arts and crafts from any cheap stock store. It is good to keep your kids goal oriented during these few days, so try and encourage some learning or educational activities. 

Keep Them Moving 

Remember that your life may feel busy, but your child is being cooped up in one room all day long. Try your best to find creative ways to get them to exert some energy. Children are used to running around and being active. Buy them a jump rope that they can use in the afternoons. Look into getting a skip it or a hula hoop too. Even just half an hour a day will help your child boost endorphins and burn off some steam. 

Stick to a Schedule 

When stuck indoors – especially with the blinds drawn - day can become night and night can become day. But it is best that you try and keep your child on a somewhat regular schedule. Don’t let them sleep the day away. Knock on their door with some breakfast when everybody else is eating, have them log onto a video call at dinner time. Your child is already feeling lonely and confused. Try your best to keep their life seeming as normal as possible so that they don’t have to feel like too much has changed. 

Be Patient 

We get how hard having a child in quarantine is. You are scared that they could be sick, worried that they have infected others, nervous about them being on their own and that’s not to mention the disturbance to your life either. But keep in mind that right now your child is scared. They are confused and alone and just trying to make it through the next couple of weeks as simply as possible. Give them an extra piece of cake after dinner or surprise them with their favorite movie one night. Quarantine life won’t be the same, but some familiar likes can keep it from feeling too different. 


We are all hoping that we find a way to control the COVID19 pandemic, but until such time as that happens, we are forced to take a number of precautions. For many, this means a mandatory 14 day quarantine. When someone we love is put into this quarantine it becomes our job to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. 

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