Youth & the Covid-19 Risk



Many young adults have never experienced a life-threatening event in their lives. Most teenagers and youth undermine risks and think they are invincible to dangerous situations. When teenagers see a “smoking can kill” sign on their box of cigarettes, they won’t care, and in most cases, they will ignore it. Teenagers often do extreme sports and crazy hikes known to be dangerous because they don’t think the danger applies to them. 

Many young adults tend to separate between themselves and their future-selves “this is a future me problem,” or “I’ll deal with it tomorrow” – are common things that teenagers and young adults say. Many countries use this to their advantage; for example, countries will usually recruit people for the army when they are 18 years old because teenagers at that age don’t think that the war stereotypes (getting injured or dying) apply to them.

Covid-19 and the young adult

During the Coronavirus, the world has been hit with a large number of infected people all over the world, as well as many deaths. Most of the deaths have been above the age of 50 and with pre-existing conditions such as heart/lung disease. 

While most of the deaths are people who are older and ill, they aren’t the ones who are highly infectious. Young adults between 20-29 are the population that is the most infectious in Israel. Additionally, most people who have Coronavirus at this age don’t show any signs of infection.

The Repercussions

Young adults don’t necessarily think that they will get sick from the COVID-19. Therefore, they aren’t as careful about wearing masks, and they don’t do social distancing. Young adults all over Israel are still going to public areas (parks and beaches) and going out with friends. Later, the same young adults will visit their siblings and parents and spread the virus. 

It is important to understand that when a teenager goes out and doesn't follow the rules – they will infect others and cause A LOT OF HARM to society. Most recent outbreaks are due to high-school students and people 20-40 not following the rules. This has caused many people to get sick and thousands of people to be quarantined in their homes. 


Young adults and teens need to follow the rules by wearing masks (properly), washing their hands, and strictly keeping social distancing!! Not only do you wear a mask to protect yourself, but more importantly, you wear a mask to protect others!!

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