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Tips on Avoiding the Coronavirus



With the spread of COVID-19 throughout the globe, people are looking for the best ways to protect themselves and their families. Between masks and avoiding air travel, there are any number of tips floating around the internet that may not actually be as useful as they seem. So, what are the best ways to keep your family healthy? And which online tips have merit, and which do not?

Wash Your Hands

This one sounds obvious, but when breaking it down it actually becomes a little more complicated than it seems. It turns out that most people do not adhere to standard infection control practices when it comes to washing their hands, not only is there a significant portion of the population that simply doesn’t, but even those that do are probably not doing right. In order for hand washing to be effective it must be done for a minimum of 20 seconds. Ensure you are washing your fingernails and between your fingers. Songs such as ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘The ABC’s’ are 20 seconds in length. It is good practice to sing these songs to yourself while washing your hands.

Keep Your Distance

In many cultures a hug, a kiss, or a handshake is customary when meeting a friend, family members, or someone new. Regardless of which culture you are apart of, and which way you greet your family or friends, when it comes to avoiding COVID-19, keeping your distance may be the best option. Take note of any possible symptoms and be sure to avoid anyone who may be experiencing them.B2ap3 Large Whatsapp Option 3

Seek Medical Attention

No symptom is too small. If you or someone you love is feeling sick, even if it’s just a cough or runny nose, there is no shame in going to check it out. As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. COVID-19 is extremely contagious, and if you suspect that you may have contracted COVID-19 call your doctor prior to going to a clinic. Your doctor will be able to let you know the best option for seeking medical attention if you suspect you have COVID-19

Stay Away from Infected Areas

International travel is at an all time low right now – and for good reason. Countless cities and countries are working their hardest to avoid the spread of COVID-19, but for some, the virus seems to already be out of control. In order to keep yourself safe it is vital to avoid any infected areas. Places with high death and infection rates, or places without proper medical care or hygiene practices are better left unexplored. Keeping yourself safe should be your number one priority, and that means staying away from places where you are more likely to come in contact with COVID-19.


There are many surfaces around us that are touched by hundreds of people a day. Doorknobs, railings, sinks, even phones. With so many different people touching these surfaces, there’s no telling what kind of bacteria could be upon them. It is important to clean and sterilize these surfaces in order to limit and even avoid the transference of dangerous viruses or bacteria between individuals. Wiping surfaces with Clorox and a normal laundry cycle with detergent will kill COVID-19

*Pro Tip – Avoid touching your face (eyes, mouth, nose, and ears). The openings on your face are the easiest way for the virus to enter into your body, if you avoid touching your face, you may lessen the chances of a virus or bacteria  you touched throughout the day being able to affect you.


The spread of COVID-19 is affecting billions and is predicted to continue to affect many more. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps that you can take in order to protect yourself and your family. Avoid anyone who may be sick and make sure to keep on top of your own symptoms. Some may say these precautions are extreme, but there’s no price to great when it comes to safety.




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