Medical Concierge in Israel for Older Adults


Medical concierge stands for personalized, caring, inclusive health care case management for both tourists and residents in Israel. EMA Care is one of the few medical concierge companies in Israel. The only service managed and run by the highest level of experienced health care professionals and clinical experts.

For residents in Israel, EMA Care offers the total package of medical case management and health care supervision and guidance in Israel. Each client has a customized service packaged based on their individual and family needs. This tailored package can include:

1. Case management for chronic health conditions. EMA Care will pull all the different bureaucratic parts together, so you receive the best health care available in Israel – stress-free. Unlike other case management services, we will also review your medical condition and provide health education, explain your health condition, teach you to prevent complications, self-help training, teach you to be as independent as possible, and give you tools to improve your health outcomes.

2. Organizing your medical files. EMA Care professionals understand that it is difficult to organize and manage medical files. Unlike other countries, the patient is expected to carry and maintain their own medical file in Israel. Add the paperwork and bureaucracy involved. The medical file can easily become disorganized and overwhelming, making it more difficult to access health resources and have meaningful conversations with your doctors and family members. Organizing your medical record makes it easier to communicate with your health insurance and medical providers… and saves space in your home!

3. Arranging all doctor appointments. EMA Care will work with both kupah health providers, maximizing your health benefits, and private physicians to provide you with the top medical care available in Israel. Expedited appointments are often available through our services, eliminating excessive wait times and providing a stress-free health care experience. EMA Care health professionals will look at your overall situation to evaluate what has been overlooked and prevent things from falling between the healthcare system's cracks.

4. Accompaniment to appointments. Tens of thousands of Israeli seniors live alone or have no family members living either in-country or in their area. Tens of thousands more live with a spouse only and have no medical-Hebrew speaking family members. In a country where the medical culture includes “the squeaky wheel gets the oil,” - having a medical professional Hebrew speaker at medical appointments or emergency rooms is essential for advocating optimal health care and communication with health professionals and family members.

5. Emergency Room advocacy. EMA Care offers a unique service of attending emergency rooms with clients to expedite treatment and communicate with medical professional colleagues about the diagnosis and treatment plan. This service is available as part of a case management plan or a stand-alone service as part of a comprehensive emergency health plan. EMA Care health professionals communicate in person and remotely with hospital personnel and family members to help direct care and communication.

6. Caring, thoughtful communication between patient, doctors, and family. EMA Care knows that communication between patients, family, and doctors can be challenging in any country. Did you know that the average Israeli doctor spends 7 minutes with each patient? Did you know there is a severe shortage of geriatric medical specialists in Israel? The lack of health providers and time makes it stressful and difficult to get everything you need from your doctor’s appointment, and there is often very little time for explanations and questions. Additionally, there is little community nursing care, which eliminates most health education, health promotion, and complications. EMA Care health professionals expedite caring and thoughtful communication between patients and physicians and between family members, as requested by patients. We fill in the gaps of the health care system by supplementing the time and education needed and maximizing physician appointments and time.

Medical concierge costs are not included in standard Israeli health coverage through kupat holim. However, EMA Care’s medical concierge packages will help you save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. In one such case recently, EMA Care helped a patient avoid painful, unnecessary surgery by assisting her in getting a legally authorized second opinion from a top surgeon. EMA Care’s goal is to lower the stress associated with health crises and health conditions. EMA Care case managers want to help you improve your health by being your personal advocates.

If you want coordinated care that is effective and efficient with your well-being at the core of the care, contact us now for a free 20-minute consultation with one of our case managers. Your health is the most important asset you have. The time for medical concierge is now!

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Our COVID-19 WhatsApp informational group

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EMA Care information and Q&A conference

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EMA Care information and Q&A conference

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My experience with Ema Care has been so positive that I wanted to share it in case it could help someone else. Eight days ago my daughter, a Shanah Bet student, called to say she wasn’t feeling well and had symptoms of Covid-19. I was put in touch with an Infectious Disease specialist who recommended Ema Care. I reached Dr. Eliana Aaron easily and signed my daughter up. The next morning, Ema Care gave my daughter a telehealth exam and provided her with prescriptions, as well as a list of