1. Insurance/hotline reimbursement: 
    • Modified trips (change of dates or fewer travel days with documentation) - in full
    • Complete cancellations incur a $25 fee per person (administrative cost)
    • For cancellations after the beginning of coverage, will be allowed to be refunded less the days already covered and less $25 per person administrative fee
  2. Document review:
    • Non-refundable unless there was no exchange of documents
    • Fully refundable if no exchange of documents
  3. Lab serology (antibody) services:
    • Refundable in full for cancelled trips (proof of cancellation is required)
    • A 20% administrative fee will be charged for unused serology testing fees for non-cancelled trips
  4. Concierge serology (antibody):
    • If cancelled prior to 6 hours before appointment - full refund
    • If cancelled within 6 hours of scheduled appointment - 80% refund
  5. PCR testing:
    • For cancelled tests prior to 6 hours before test time – full refund
    • For tests cancelled within 6 hours – 20% administrative fee will be charged (refund of 80%)
    • For no-shows at scheduled PCR test locations – no refund