Wheelchair and special needs accessibility in Israel:

Many people dream their whole lives of visiting Israel and seeing its unique sites.  However, many people are stressed about traveling with someone who is in a wheelchair or has special needs because they are concerned about the trip is extremely limited.

The ideal vacation when traveling with someone who is disabled is to find a place that is sensitive towards the disabled and has facilities that will help ease the struggle so that the family may enjoy a fun and stress-free vacation.

Israel has many beautiful sites that are unlike any others in the world.  For example, the Jerusalem Western Wall, the Dead Sea, and Masada. Many of these sites are ancient and weren’t built for wheels (whether it is a wheelchair, grocery cart, or stroller).  Modern Israel has gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone can enjoy the sites. For example, The old city in Jerusalem has a project that is building handrails all over- to help the disabled. The streets have more ramps leading to sidewalks.  Many nature reserves and hikes are becoming accessible to people with special needs. Many organizations have private tours and trips, specifically for people in wheelchairs. Also, many organizations help the disabled with personalized assistance and equipment.

Here at EMA Care, we have helped tourists with their accommodations, from physical therapy to personal trainers to dialysis.  We have many resources to offer tourists:

EMA Care will ensure that you receive all of the help you need to enjoy a stress-free and successful trip to Israel.

So, when you’re planning a trip to Israel, have no fear because we at EMA Care can help you with all of your needs. This will allow you and your family to have a fun and stress-free vacation to Israel.

EMA Care wishes you a wonderful vacation!