As the winter nears, people have been concerned over the idea of a double epidemic, the Flu and the Coronavirus. Last year, the Coronavirus spread around the world towards the end of the flu season so the overlap was minimal. However, this year many people are scared of facing The Flu and The Coronavirus at the same time. 

The Flu season comes around every winter. The Flu is a dangerous, highly contagious virus, and it can cause high fevers, fatigue, achy muscles, chills, sweats, and headaches and is spread by droplets that are released from one’s nose and mouth when one speaks, coughs, and sneezes. The flu infects about 8% of the population every year. Similarly, the Coronavirus also spreads from respiratory droplets that are released from one’s mouth and nose. COVID-19 is also a virus that is transmitted from person to person through respiratory droplets. It spreads when someone talks, sneezes, coughs, and is in close contact with someone else. 

Most experts are worried about the upcoming flu season and are preparing for another wave of Covid-19. Many people are expecting an extreme flu season with fewer vaccines and a severe strain on the medical system. As of October, the average hospital in Israel is at 49.31% capacity (and this not during the Flu season).

The overload of hospitalizations has caused a big strain on the medical system, making it a primary  reason that Israel is being put under a lockdown during the Chagim (one of the most dangerous times when people gather together). Israeli experts are worried that the expected overload from the Flu and the Coronavirus will cause a further strain on the medical system. When this occurs, it is likely that there will be more patients with more acute symptoms who are not being properly treated and a higher infection and mortality rate. 

We recommend that everyone take as many precautions as they can in order for them not to get the Coronavirus and the flu:

  1. Wear masks properly – it is always important to wear your mask over your nose and mouth, while you are outside. Replace your mask every few days (especially if you sweat a lot)
  2. Don’t take off your mask when outdoors! 
  3. Keep at least 2 meters between people. 
  4. Wash your hands frequently! Wash your hands before and after going outdoors. Wash your hands before going touching your phone and going into your car. 
  5. If you use your credit card – sterilize it after each use. 
  6. Sterilize common surfaces in your home – handles of doors, light switches, tables, computers, phones, closet handles, the plusher button on the toilet, and remote controls. 


Israel is doing everything in its power to lower the numbers of people who are infected with the Coronavirus and keep the citizens safe!! We recommend that you follow the regulations and keep yourself and everyone safe!