Many tourists in Israel have been struggling with getting a PCR test before their flight home. Currently, travelers are required to do PCR testing within 72 hours before flying. Visitors want to end their vacation on a positive note, but many people have been frustrated by the inefficient PCR testing system in Israel. The most common issues that tourists face are lack of easy access to testing facilities, time wasted in waiting for home testers to arrive, and delayed results.

PCR tests at a clinic

PCR tests are offered in public clinics and hospitals around the country. However, there are many problems with these clinics:

These are only a few of the examples of difficulties with PCR testing which have been reported by our clients. 

At-home PCR testing

There are also many problems with the at-home testing that many companies offer.

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How is EMA Care solving these problems?

EMA Care is very attuned to the needs of tourists coming to Israel during this area period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We make every effort to ease the processes of many Tourist Entry requirements and for this reason, we are now offering at-home/hotel PCR testing with results in 24 hours or less!

Tourists will no longer have to pay for overpriced PCR testing, which is unreliable, a waste of precious vacation time, and fraught with Hebrew, stressful bureaucracy.

All of our testers speak English, and all forms and communications are in English. We provide timelines for testing within an hour so you can enjoy your visit to Israel on the last day. Group testing is also available!

Link to our services – here!