Managing and understanding of medication can be challenging for anyone.  Medication in Israel is not the same as medication in other countries, especially if you are from the United States. 

If you are coming to Israel as a tourist, be sure to bring your medication with you. 

Managing medication in Israel is an important consideration if you are here for a longer stay, whether a tourist, resident, volunteer, or diplomat.   You will need to do research before you arrive, as not every medication is the same when traveling to foreign countries.  

For example, common medications may have different names in Israel.  Even over the counter medicine can be different.  Tylenol or acetaminophen is NOT available in Israel, but Acamol or paracetamol is exactly the same medication.

Understanding the different names and types of medication in Israel is crucial.  This is especially true if you have drug allergies.  And not every physician will be familiar with American or European medication names.

Some differences you will find with Israeli medications:

EMA Care can work with you in advance of your visit to Israel.  EMA Care will do the research for you. Contact EMA Care in advance of your trip, to prevent a medication crisis during your time in Israel. 

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