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Caring for a chronic illness or sudden health need when studying in Israel


My daughter is diabetic, what precautions will she need to take when on a school trip? My son is in the emergency room with a broken leg, can you make sure he gets good care and understands what’s going on? Can you arrange for a gastroenterologist to evaluate my son? I don’t understand what the treatment plan is for my child, could you help us?  Help for student dealing with chronic illness Our augmented health liaison services are available as an additional service for students studying in Israel.If your child is signed up for our student package, we offer more intensive management in personal evaluation...

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Heath care coordination for gap year students


I am not feeling well, what can I do?   I am dehydrated, what can I do to rehydrate at home/ dorm?   Where can I go to get a flu shot?” In Israel, community physicians are not “on call,” so without a medical appointment, access to your health care provider is limited. EMA Care provides “on call” services at specific times each day, in which you can get answers for your questions and receive health information and referrals.   Health care guidance for your year in Israel EMA Care provides yearly and semester-long student packages for students studying in Israel. You can relax...

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5 Facts About Over the Counter Medications in Israel


Over the Counter (OTC) medications in Israel are different than in the US or other countries.  Names and availability differ from country to country, and having a basic understanding of what to expect can help you figure out what to purchase when you are sick.  Here are 5 rules about OTC medications in Israel: Not everything available OTC in the US and Europe is available OTC in Israel.   Some medications for yeast infections, heartburn, pain, allergies, and some skin conditions (like acne) are prescription only..Some OTC medications are available in Israel that aren’t available in the US, such as dipyrone pain...

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Salmonella in Israel


Recently, the Jerusalem Post reported that the Israel Ministry of Health stated that they cannot prevent Salmonella on the retail level… and that they know that Salmonella exists in Israeli poultry. Sounds really scary, right? Q: “Does this mean I can’t have chicken in Israel?”A: Of course not! But some precautions are needed.   Israelis love a fresh Pargit or chicken skewer with salad and humus. The Mediterranean Diet (the dominant diet in Israel and the Mediterranean basic) is in fact rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, grains… and low fat poultry. The Diet has been shown in medical studies to be beneficial...

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Plan your Vacation in Israel - Worry-free!


A vacation in Israel is a wonderful experience for healthy tourists, but for the millions of people with medical issues or disabilities, any travel can be daunting... UNTIL NOW. EMA Care provides medical concierge services for tourists with special health needs.  Anything from organizing health appointment or treatments to finding solutions for your physical needs, such as medical equipment or accommodating transportation and tour guides can be accomplished with ease with EMA Care professionals.  We firmly believe that everyone, no matter what their medical issues are, should be able to visit the Holy Land care-free.  Enjoy your vacation in Israel - leave the...

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Health care coordination for you


Eliana Aaron provides concierge health care coordination services in Israel for individual tourists, gap year programs, tour groups, and others. She is available to refer you to the doctors that you need, accompany you to the hospital, and supervise your ongoing medical care.   Health care coordination for you in Israel As the first practicing nurse practitioner in Israel, Eliana is connected to the best English speaking medical specialists in Israel. As your care coordinator, she will match you with the best medical treatment for your needs. Click here to learn more about Eliana. Eliana can help you over the phone from any location in...

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Tour Group Providers


Are you a tour group coordinator for foreign groups visiting Israel? Do any of your participants have pre-existing conditions which may need treatment? Do you need to be prepared to support your travelers during a medical emergency? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then EMA Care is for you!   Give your tour participants peace of mind What happens when a participant has a medical emergency during your trip? Who accompanies them to the hospital? Who advocates with the doctors on their behalf? Who liasons with family back home? When a tour group participant falls ill, the...

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Emergency Health Care Coordination

Jerusalem Israel

 Don't let a medical event destroy your vacation. We can help! Did you or a family member have a medical emergency while visiting Israel? Do you need help with your medical emergency in Israel? Are you alone in the hospital and struggling to communicate with doctors and make medical decisions?  Emergency Health Care Coordination in Israel is stressful, especially for those who are not native Hebrew speakers or are unfamiliar with the medical culture in Israel. Contact EMA Care, and one of our representatives will provide you with complete health support - right now.   We are your medical advocates for emergency health care in Israel...

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Health Care for Israel Gap Year Programs


Delivering and coordinating medical care for Israel Gap Year Programs create challenges for Yeshiva, Seminary, and other Gap Year programs and for the parents of Gap Year students. Gap Year program administrators struggle to get the best health care for their students while communicating with worried parents at home.  Some programs are more involved, some less – but any administrator will name health problems as a major issue they encounter throughout the year. Frequently, concerned parents ask gap year administrators, teachers, Rabbis, counselors and even dorm mothers if their student-child is getting the best care, seeing the best specialist, following the instructions, and getting...

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The Jerusalem Post: The forgotten wounded? - Opinion

The forgotten wounded? - The Jerusalem Post Rehabilitation is not “sexy” medicine like its sister specialty, geriatrics – one unfortunate reason why it remains unpopular among medical and nursing students. https://www.jpost.com/Opinion/The-forgotten-wounded-408273

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 Telemedicine is a great option for caring for geriatric populations in Israel. This is especially true during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the years, we’ve had many clients who care for their older, dependent parents. Take our clients, the A fam...

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Our COVID-19 WhatsApp informational group

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Interview with Dr. Mobeen & Dr. Eliana Aaron

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EMA Care information and Q&A conference

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EMA Care information and Q&A conference

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EMA Care information and Q&A conference

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