Antigen Testing

We provide COVID Antigen tests.
Antigen Testing

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Due to new testing regulations, our testers are no longer offering regular appointments.
If you need an appointment for an antigen test please send an email to with your requested date, time and testing location and we will get back to you.

For the list of testing locations please see below:
Chashmonaim, HaTirosh 30a
Chashmonaim, HaCarmel 33
Efrat, HaGeffen 27 (Sun-Wed)
Efrat, HaKatzir 14
Jerusalem, Yaffo 97 (CENTER)
Jerusalem, Reuven Mas 136 (RAMOT)
Jerusalem, Kfar Etsyon 13 (ARNONA)
Jerusalem, Eilat 16 (NACHLAOT)
Jerusalem, HaTayasim 19 (KATAMON)
Jerusalem, 21 Nachum Lipchitz (BAKA)
Modiin, Migdal HaLevanon 7
Nof Ayalon, Ariel 38
Nof Ayalon, Sapir 36
Raanana, Bialik 13
Ramat Beit Shemesh (ALEPH) , Yavne 7/1
Ramat Beit Shemesh (GIMEL), Yechezkel 6/7
Tzfat, Moshav Birya , Birya 13

The price of an antigen test is 25 USD (approximately 75 NIS)



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