Antigen Testing

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Antigen Testing:

Q: Is this test approved for shortening/ending quarantine?

A: If you are under 60, the test is accepted for shortening or ending quarantine, in accordance with MOH protocols.


Q: Is this test approved for entry into the US?

A: Yes, our test is up to the US CDC standards, and we provide all the documentation they require.


Q: How soon after I am tested will I receive my results?

A: A negative result can be confirmed 15 minutes after testing (positive results may be seen sooner), and you should receive your result shortly thereafter.


Q: Are you certified to do these tests?

A: Yes. We are officially certified by the Ministry of Health to conduct antigen tests. We can be seen on the MOH’s list of approved testers here:


Q: Why are there no appointments available more than 10 days from now?

A: As our testers do not test full-time, they want to ensure that they are indeed available for the appointments set.


Q: The UK requires the test to have at least 97% specificity and 80% sensitivity. Does your test meet those standards?

A: Yes.